Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy




Dear Friend

I think you probably already know how this story ends…

but happy reading anyway!

much love


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Memoir of Old Humphrey by Mr. George Mogridge

MemCov Meminside   [Signature] W.W. James, fils de mm James 6th Sept. 1900 from Cousin Elizabeth York. Formerly belonging to Uncle Jim James of Kingsthorpe whom she thinks he resembles somewhat his uncle Compton James now in Philadelphia USA.

How to Lose Friends and Other Social Graces by Hans Lehmann




For the Stephen Grosz family, who obviously have made too many friends and need to learn how to lose some.


Hans Lehmann

Visiting Mrs. Nabokov by Martin Amis

VisitingMrsN Cover

VisitingMrsN Inside

“Would you please keep it down up there??? I’m trying to sleep. This is Norma.” – the stunted mutterings of my jerkass landlady about the time things were about to get shockingly, unforgivably violent!

Happy V-day!


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Byron by André Maurois

Byron Inside

Byron Cover

To Stanley & Margaret

With love from Beatrice

In memory of Ralph

4th March 1979

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The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison

Kiss Cover

Kiss Inside 1


Kiss Inside 2

Dear L

didn’t wrap this, not a proper present ‘cos bought it from 2nd hand shop, but you can’t have a present that does not include a book!

It’s a book I just finished. It’s not in any way “significant” (i.e. it’s partly about a mother/daughter relationship, but it’s not a parallel or anything). In fact it’s fairly devastating; I found it so distressing I wanted to give up after the first 1/3, but was trapped on a train with it, and not reading wd have

been more distressing! In the end it was worth it, some sort of closure, and it’s a memoir, the writer’s life; written so lyrically, spare + forgiving, it is going to stay with me. But if you don’t want to read it, I can empathize.


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Very Good, Jeeves! by P.G. Wodehouse

VGJ Cover



VG Inside1

WHA [?]


a brilliant collection.

Worth recommending to the unconverted.

re-read May ’87, Feb ’90, Sept ’93, mid-July 2000, Summer 2003

P.18 – a superb “Jeeves” page.

198-9: try this on A.S.? [see note to P.198-9 at bottom. WBG.]

VG Inside2



[9. JEEVES AND THE OLD SCHOOL CHUM] Unusual setting, this – Norfolk and country race meeting. A gem of a story.

VG Inside3

[Inside back cover: Notes to specific passages]



[Marked passage P.198-199.]

“It was rash. Looking back, I can see that. One of the first lessons life teaches us is that on these occasions of back-chat between the delicately-nurtured a man should retire into the offing, curl up in a ball, and imitate the prudent tactics of the opossum, which, when danger is in the air, pretends to be dead, frequently going to the length of hanging out crêpe and instructing its friends to stand round and say what a pity it all is…”



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Jesus Lived in India by Holger Kersten

Jesus Cover

Jesus Inside

Hi Old! I mean old Friend

Not that benite[d? banal?] saying that regurjitates [sic] itself for to [sic] many times, I have bought this present with hope’s [sic] that it can can add another stepping block for your quest for truth. But fervently hope it doesn’t cause confusion and distress.

But fuck it! Your [sic] the only friend that has a present, so that should meet some kind of warmth.

Love Sat

P.S I hope its [sic] not baulderdash [sic]

The Penguin Krishnamurti Reader edited by Mary Lutyens



To Susie

with fondest love


[Mama? Maria]




Feeling more settled today – all bright & chatty again; thank God!!

I enjoyed this book tho I don’t know how to arrive at the state of grace he describes – let me know what you think of it.



One White Crocodile Smile by Richard Hefter




you are my smiling crocodile

I love you ’cause you’re dangerous and wild but I hope you will smile for me for a while once in a while


– Carnation the poet

February 1991

[Anne Marie]


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