The Erotic Arts by Peter Webb

Erotic Cover


Erotic Inside


Inspired by Mary –

yours erotically on your birthday.

Keep on with the Buck’s Fizz


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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Gatsby Cover

Gatbsy Inside


[Zelda] Rejected Fitzgerald until he became rich after publishing this book, materialistic slut.

Quiet London by Siobhan Wall

Quiet Cover

Quiet Inside

April 2014

To my beautiful, quiet man.

Now you are going to carry this book around and show all these lovely places to me

No excuses!

I love you so much –



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Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

Moby Cover

Moby censored

Lucy [Censored]

I love you madly, you gorgeous wonderful woman.

You will not need to feel lonely, because I will be thinking of you every day.

Being apart is a worldly problem; but remember you are SPIRITUAL!

Loneliness is unnecessary because I will be cogitating, forever, upon you.

All my love, now and always

Stephen [Censored]

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Songs of Innocence & Experience by William Blake

Songs cover

Songs Inside

8th June 2014

Dear Charlie

Happy Birthday on your 30th year –

innocence, experience, and a whole lot more to come…


Charlotte x

The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse

Code Cover

Code Inside


For John Morris – with very real gratitude.

Arthur Marshall said that he always read a few pages of Wodehouse before going to sleep – so that if he died in the night, it would be with a smile on his face.


February 1989.

Collection of Sand by Italo Calvino

Sand Cover

Sand Inside

* 22 February 2014, London *

The brain begins in the eye –

Look at me, Jordan.

Recognize me, keep me in the form of a memorable thought.

To your timeless eyes and the beautiful heart of yours –

to the beauty you never stop noticing.

To the mortal misery

that will never reach or affect us –

Be inspired and brave –

Be curious.

Think of me –

Love me –


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Gon by Masashi Tanaka

Gon Cov

Gon In



Dear Audrey,

THIS Book Is Yours, as am I,

Love Max

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Strangers in Paradise – The Hollywood Emigres 1933-1950 by John Russell Taylor



Christopher Webb 1983.

I met John Russell Taylor in Hollywood in around 1975. I was introduced to him by John Kobal, who owned the Kobal Collection of film stills. After he’d gone, Kobal referred to him as a faggot. But John Kobal died in 1991, of AIDS.

Just before Kobal’s cremation the organist played “Smoke gets in your Eyes”

Selected Poems of John Keats



Christopher Webb 2012

To Chris,

For your guilty little pleasure time!


Karolina & Breut

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