The Enigma of Arrival by V.S. Naipaul



February 1988

To John –

with our love and sincere congratulations on a job well done.

– Auntie Betty & Uncle Ivor


Too formal by half so what about –

Congrats Doc!

from all your buddies down at the squash club


Oh John, we’re glad

Best love

Bryony & Saul

Innocence by Penelope Fitzgerald

Innocence Cov

Innocence Inside


“I’ve come to think that it’s not impossible that at an early point in my life I took a wrong direction…”




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Philosophical Aesthetics – An Introduction edited by Oswald Hanfling



– So what’s in it for you?

– Is that all you can think about?

– Yes. I am human. And I’m not going to lie.

– alright, I’ll accept that.

– But what about Morals and all of that?

– Yeah, well, we’ve got to balance it out.

– I agree, but I have so much desire.

– So do I.

– Morals were probably brought in because we have so much desire.

– But maybe we’re taught desire?

– Maybe. But I don’t think so.

– So you think it’s the beast within us?

– Yeah… Yes, I like that description.

– Do you get really upset about it?

Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck


Travels-with-Charley_letter (2)





Chekhov in Hell by Dan Rebellato




To Nina

The only MA student to tell me to fuck off!

[Signature] x

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The Elephant Man by Christine Sparks

Elephantman Cover

Elephantman Inside


to Martin

(to remind you of the time you took two beautiful girls to the cinema)

with all my love

Chrissie xxx

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Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks




When your biological clock reaches two minutes to midnight & you need a hand give me a call


[signature] xxx

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Winnie the Pooh – Everyone is Special by Nancy Parent (Based on stories by A.A.Milne)



To Elle

We hope you are very happy with your new parents

Lots of love

Jodie and Jake


Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray, F.R.S.







Hannah [Censored]

June 4 2013

Hannah, I can honestly [say] that you have single-handedly defined my high school experience, and that you will always be a part of me and a true best friend. We have made some mistakes, and learned from most of them; now we have to face our biggest test yet: life — our lives. Converting our ambitions into realities is a process we are beginning, finally. After hours upon hours of dreaming up what we want to do with our lives and the types of people we want to become, the time has come. These past three years we have grown up together, and now we must grow apart. Like trees our distant roots met, as if destine from the time God designed our paths (however many millions/thousands of years ago that was… evolution done, back to cheesy metaphor…) Into one strong trunk we formed a friendship that no [?] force could prevent or destroy – literally bound together by necessity. Now nature has matured us for our great schism. Branching out, we embark on our independent paths, never forgetting where we started: two girls, one in toms and the other in pjs, standing on a wet balcony.

This is the hard part Hannah, don’t underestimate it, and always trust in God’s promise that he will continually prune our shortcomings and feed our virtues. I know we have fed many of each other’s fires before, but with this book I hope to feed your passion for anatomy and biology, and subsequently your dream of becoming a doctor for a selfless cause — indeed a remarkable virtue of yours.

I love you, and I know this is not the end. You can’t get rid of me that easy. (Just like you can’t get rid of this note w/o getting rid of the book … hehe!)

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Rebecca West by Victoria Glendinning




To Carl

“Let’s go to bed in November and December”

Dreaming of you


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