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Dedicated To… has just been given a face-lift and upgraded to something far more attractive-looking and user-friendly. If you’ve ever given it a glance I urge you to glance again. For tis lovely. (And thanks to for making it look so lovely.) It’s new address is
And while I’ve got your attention here’s some news about my Other Project, Three Score & Ten which is about to have an exhibition at Fork on Marchmont St, Bloomsbury.
Three Score & Ten, or: From the Conception of Tristram Shandy to the Death of Ivan  Ilyich, is an anthology of literary quotes illustrating each year of life from beginning to end. Over a decade in the making (I first wrote about Three Score & Ten waaaay back in 2009), its aim is to view the passage of time through the prism of literature by using a different male and female character for each year in order to detail the minuscule changes wrought upon our bodies and minds as consciousness blooms, experiences accrue, hopes rise and fall, options expand and then retract.
The exhibition at Fork opens on Thursday 22 August, 7pm. And if you’ve already seen one of Three Score & Ten‘s previous outings (at either Burley Fisher Books or the Stoke Newington Litterary Festival) and are wondering why you should bother again, I’ve one word: frames. 
Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully will see you for drinks and nibbles and awkward small talk on Thurs 22nd.
Very Best
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Anthropology and The Classics – edited by R.R. Marett


Anthropology Inside


To the most excellent of missionaries,

That she may learn the ‘Beastlie Diaries of the Heathen’


having learned,

be charitable,


Paganitatis [?]





Three Score & Ten – The Exhibition

In lieu of a book*, Three Score & Ten (AKA My Other Project) is currently doing the rounds as a piece of (cough) conceptual art (ok, I’ve printed it off and stuck it on walls).

From now until May 1 2019,  it’s at the very lovely Burley Fisher Books in Dalston. And for what it’s worth, I think it actually works (dammit). Here’s some pics of the opening night.


* no, I still don’t have the heart to tell the BL to get rid of the Amazon page…

1 (1)

1 (2)

1 (3)


1 (6)


1 (4)


1 (5)

1 (8)



All photographs by Lik Chung Li.  (

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The Liverpool Scene edited by Edward Lucie-Smith

Liverpool Cov

Liverpool Inside

To The Hutchins!

–  Remember: the shortest life is not necessary the best life. But you two [squiggle?] are treasures.


Jasmin’s Witch by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie


Dear Philip

A peace-offering from someone who has been annoying you.

With love

Hal x

viii ’92

American Poetry from the Beginning to Whitman by Louis Untermeyer

To Al

A gift for Christmas and Birthday, and for a boat farewell.

Shortened [?] as it has proved to be, it has been an honour to have shared a derelict sinking heap of metal with you.

Please, no guilt or responsibility – some dreams were destined to sink. We’ll have to find ways to be indescribably cool in other ways – do I hear applause beginning? The Revue is coming to town…

Take care, my friend

Luke [?] [face doodle]

Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje


Running in the Family Cover

Running in the Family Inside


Hi Dear Matt –

Have you read this? Maggie sent it to me – and now I send it to you. I think the brother he mentions in the book is the fellow who bought Miss Gillams house – what a crazy family! You will find this entertaining.

Note: “Lala” within these pages – and the author’s account of her life and death (the author’s Grandma)

Mr Palomar by Italo Calvino


Inside Back

[Inside Front]

Sleeping in the eaves with an early rise. Working through Kate’s bookshelf. A few good numbers of a sheepskull [?]. Nothing but dreams tonight of you & foreign countries. Crossing the borderline. Yours with a pulsing heart & taunting loins [?]. Goodnight sweet girl. JDx

Hello ROSE! when Glasgow is far and train journeys long, think of all the fun we will have when you come to Sweden. Lips & lips to you. Love S.

Empty swimming pools freak me out. So hard to get into. Dewey eyed goodbye to West Country. Back around 3. Listening to Phantom music in rain & thinking about Aragon & my growing love for it. JDx

Wet green land. Nothing exotic to see. My eyes droop & then I read about africa & then I feel guilty. Nothing to stimulate. No agitation except bundu boys & [?] clinging to a warm body that left me cold when I left it. Coming back to it now I am refuelled & need to rest & recreate fiction

[Inside back]

Kat & Keith about to arrive from London. Putting them up for the night. Rain pouring down. Editing & already complaints from upstairs. Good [?] [?]. Missing your kisses & awaiting ramification comrade Brighton Love JD.

Dear Rosie – Brisk late night walk up Byres Rd after editing and another sure fire smell in the air. Hungry as a stray dog for your return. Kisses on you while you sleep. My sweet alley cat. Sshhh xxxx

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Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley


To Donald

The result of a “cup of tea” at “the army & Navy” and with confidence in his future literary achievements

from M.P.

Easter 1941

Darling Don

Much love at Christmas and all through 1967  however much the wind blows from the East




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Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh

London 1997

Dear Nanu

ref p208

I don’t expect that I ever made the centre of the wheel. I have climbed on & been thrown off just like everybody else.

(but I shall continue to climb on).

Yours etc Ronnie

P.S I think this answers the relationship between public school & prison.





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