J’Accuse by Aharon Shabtai



28th September 2006

My friend –

I send you this gift, which is self-explanatory, and hope you’ll find the poet’s work more accessible than my obscure efforts to say some similar things. When I found this book last week I wanted to tell you about it, because it is to you that I have been addressing my thoughts.

I enclose a sprig of mint as an emblem of faith that you will visit and drink mint tea with me again sometime – I hope before too long, when I am less hurt, and less vulnerable, and better able to accept what you can offer.

Until then –

With enormous affection and care for you, my dear –


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  1. […] with the message within can suggest a narrative of its own. For example, a message inside a copy of Aharon Shabtai’s poetry collection J’Accuse would appear to be from a jilted lover and is quite striking in its passive-aggressive tone […]

  2. wonderful, wonderful blog.
    just came across it through your guardian article. and very glad i did.

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