The Arabian Nights – Tales from a Thousand and One Nights translated by Sir Richard F. Burton

To my dearest Sonia

We’ve had our own 1,000 and 1 nights of marriage – more or less. Three years already! I still discover things about you I love each day, or rediscover: your constancy, your generosity, your sense of justice. I count myself a lucky man to have found you, and I hope it lasts as many years as we can count.

I love you,


[NB: this edition of The Arabian Nights was published in 2001. WG.]


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  1. Very depressing to see that a book with such a heartfelt inscription ended up at a second-hand bookshop. One wonders why.

    • Agreed. This is one of the more heartbreaking finds…

  2. *in a second-hand bookshop

  3. Expectation for book gifts has skyrocketed.

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