The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers

memberofwedding Cover

memberofwedding Inside

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sue

February 14th year 1973

Good Friend.

Everyone wants to belong …. to others [heart-doodle]

your dear american friend & sister


Much love [heart-doodle]


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  1. to someone?

  2. Yes, my heart says Someone but my head looks at and isn’t so sure. The start of the word/s could be Other?

  3. So (_____?) your dear American friend & sister faith
    Much love ❤

  4. I think that’s the end sorted. Thanks. Now – what’s that scribble after the ellipsis (dammit)

  5. I think the mystery word begins “ander”, which means “other” in German. I can’t make out what the letters following it are, though.

    • Hmmm. I think we may have started clutching at straws here, people… (without wanting to sound ungrateful, y’understand)

  6. I think it starts Happy Valentines Day, Joe.

    • Or Sue?

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