Our Ancestors by Italo Calvino

Our Ancestors Cover


Our Ancestors Inside


dear George

apologies that the book is a little ragged. having read the baron in the trees some time ago i felt that it would make a suitable present to you and that in the meantime i might avail myself to the other two stories contained herein without causing you any offence.

as an architecture student i suspect you may have encountered calvino before. encounter him here in a spirit in some ways similar [?] to the little prince you lent me some time ago but richer and funnier and more elusive.

i hope trust you will find the reading as much like drinking as did i.

George, you are a very fine fellow and it is an honour and a privelidge [sic] that you call me friend and that i may call you likewise.

love Sam


Thanks G. This is a wonderful book! Especially the non-existent knight, though I couldn’t but think of it as Monty Python… Much love Tim X

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