Very Good, Jeeves! by P.G. Wodehouse

VGJ Cover



VG Inside1

WHA [?]


a brilliant collection.

Worth recommending to the unconverted.

re-read May ’87, Feb ’90, Sept ’93, mid-July 2000, Summer 2003

P.18 – a superb “Jeeves” page.

198-9: try this on A.S.? [see note to P.198-9 at bottom. WBG.]

VG Inside2



[9. JEEVES AND THE OLD SCHOOL CHUM] Unusual setting, this – Norfolk and country race meeting. A gem of a story.

VG Inside3

[Inside back cover: Notes to specific passages]



[Marked passage P.198-199.]

“It was rash. Looking back, I can see that. One of the first lessons life teaches us is that on these occasions of back-chat between the delicately-nurtured a man should retire into the offing, curl up in a ball, and imitate the prudent tactics of the opossum, which, when danger is in the air, pretends to be dead, frequently going to the length of hanging out crêpe and instructing its friends to stand round and say what a pity it all is…”



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