Capital Volume 1 by Karl Marx



To help you through the next few lectures. And life!

With the hope that you will always be fighting, with hand, heart and head, for a world that is politically democratic and socially & economically egalitarian. And urge me on when I don’t!

‘Much remains to be undergone; be firm, be undaunted – your success is certain, and no step you will have to take in your onward march will be lost to our common cause, the cause of Humanity’

Engels 1845

Loveday [?]

Christ Church!

27 April 1989

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The Trial by Franz Kafka




To Marilyn

Memories of Folly Bridge,

Oxford. August 1967

You are ever in my heart.

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The Honorable Picnic by Thomas Raucat [Part 1/2]



Singapore, December 1978

Started SQ083 [?] – back again! – London – Bahrain – Bangkok, en route for Tokyo, 7 March 1979. Cont’d Siam Inter-Cont. Hotel, BKK [Bankok], Room 117. Distinctly under very hot weather. Cont’d SR304 BKK-Tokyo, 12.3.79 [???] Awful food. La Nausée at breakfast in hotel. I wonder what awaits me in T’o. I hope a return to sensory clarity! Finished as we come into land at H.K.


[NB. This transcript is very much a work-in-progress. All suggestions gratefully received WG]

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The Sea and Poison by Shusaku Endon [Part 2/2]




Tokyo, 24 March 1979

Started in Tokamachi & cont[inued] in Imperial Hotel, 25.3.79. To Honolulu tomorrow, homewards at last. Cont’d 26.3.79. Narita Airport, under siege by airport protesters. Farewell to Japan. Cont’d & finished [?] 26.3.79, Pan-Am 830, Tokyo-Honolulu. Painful [?] novel.


[N.B. This transcript is very much a work-in-progress. Any suggestions gratefully received. Info on airport protests here. WG.]


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A Good Man in Africa by William Boyd



6th Aug, 1983

My love,

or rather ‘my good man in Oxford’ – to curb all depression and potential grumpiness –


Your Chinese Roots by Thomas Tsu-wee Tan




Dear [full name]

I give this book to you in memory of your grandmother who passed away at 8.00 am 8 Dec 2006 to be with Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven.

I pray the Lord Jesus Christ will always bless you & protect you.


Your Uncle James [surname]

A Book of Milliganimals by Spike Milligan




eikcaJ evol fo stol




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The Inner Eye by Nicholas Humphrey


I had read this book before my interviews for Oxford and it gave me confidence to discuss some aspects of human ‘consciousness’.


(I found the book today, 29 December 2013, clearing my dear Dad’s bookshelves in the dining room at 151.)

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Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

[pipe n lighter smuggle combo]

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Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert


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