The Victorian Book of Dreams edited by Marion Riordan



For Stevie, the man who this book was surely written for, and who has perhaps a mole on either ankle – to wish you a happy birthday, and dreams full of mackerel and devoid of pantomime.

With love,

Lisa x

[nb. From the text: 

Mackerel – Dreaming that you see these fishes in the water is good, denoting success in trade, prosperity and good fortune to the dreamer. If you dream of stinking mackerel, you will never marry you present sweetheart.”

 “Pantomime – To dream of witnessing a pantomime signifies low pursuits; if you enter, after this dream, upon a theatrical profession, it will be without honour, and you will end life an outcast.”

 “A mole on either ankle denotes a man to be inclined to effeminancy and elegancy of dress…” WBG.]