Guardian & Other Writing

Most Recent writing / media – most of which is for The Guardian unless stated. My Guardian profile is here.

Books to Give You Hope: John Lahr’s Prick Up Your Ears

A Book to Share: Angela Carter’s Wise Children

Journeys in Literature: John Cheever’s The Swimmer

Kafka’s Metamorphosis and its Mutations in Translation

Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story by Victor Bockris review 

Baddies in Books: Alex from A Clockwork Orange

The Peculiar Life of the Lonely Postman by Denis Thériault review

Setting the Records Straight – music memoirs

Time Out of Mind: The Lives of Bob Dylan by Ian Bell review

The Book of Gaza review

Morphologies review

The Book of Rio book review

A Map of Tulsa by Benjamin Lytal book review

An Everywhere: A Little Book About Reading by Heather Reyes book review

Top Ten Books Given in Books

Moscow Tales Guardian book review

The Death of the Novel Inscription G2 article

O Pioneers by Willa Cather Guardian book review

A Very English Hero: The Making of Frank Thompson by Peter J Conradi Guardian book review

Once Upon a Time – The Lives of Bob Dylan by Ian Bell Guardian book review

LoveSexTravelMusik by Rodge Glass Guardian book review

Sketches of Spain by Federico Garcia Lorca Guardian book review

White Masks by Elias Khoury Guardian book review

Southbank Centre Book Club feature for Time Out

Lost Memory of Skin by Russell Banks Guardian book Review

Blindly by Claudio Magris Guardian book review

Interview with Robert Elms on BBC London about The Secret History of Second Hand Books

Darkness in Literature: Saul Bellow’s Something to Remember Me By

The secret contents of secondhand books

The Great Meadow by Elizabeth Madox Roberts Guardian book review

Interview with Paul Auster for Time Out

Below are the other literary pieces I’ve written for The Guardian (oldest at the bottom, most recent at the top).

The Reader Organisation: a mutual improvement society for modern times

Which out-of-print would you like to see republished?

My literary life-span project is nearly complete – can you help?

Winter Reads: The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

The fiction of literary friendship

Among the grown-ups: children in adult literature

Do too many authors spoil the book?

The secret stories of book inscriptions

Beginning a new year of reading

Taking another look at James Kelman

Take out holiday reading insurance: stick to novellas

Something Amis: Why I already feel shortchanged by the BBC’s Money

Martin Amis’s War Against Death

Verbal Valentines: Books That Make Perfect Couples

Reading Your Way Out of Depression

What Are Your New Year’s Reading Resolutions?

Why a Good Cover Makes a Good Book Better

The Dream of the Great Unfinished Novel

Where Horror Truly Lies

Is Holly Golightly The Great Gatsby In Drag?

Growing Up With Your Favourite Fictional Characters

I reviewed books for Time Out (RIP Time Out Books) and still write the occasional article

Kids n Lit

The Reader Organisation

Private Eye at 50

Three Men in a Barge

Reading in the Recession

Especially for You

London’s Literary Lovers


Reading & discussing an extract from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night with Read Me Something You Love


Man o’ Mind 

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